Mediums in which I Work

-Traditional: although I have experience working in most mediums, my traditional work is a combination of Graphite, Inks and Watercolors. Upon request, I can work these mediums individually if a different look is required, such as black and white or a limited palette.

To begin, I start by mounting Arches 140 lb. cold press watercolor paper on to a masonite board, this is then followed up by a graphite sketch, after which I begin the inking process, primarily using sepia inks. The last stage of rendering is the use of watercolors and additional ink where touchups are needed.

Once the painting is complete, I spray a UV protective layer onto the work. Last of all, a protective wax finish is then applied.

Although adding the wax medium as a protective layer is more time intensive and laborsome, the end result is well worth the extra cost and time spent. There are two main reasons for this. First, there is no need for glass, an added expense which can be prone to cracking when bumped or jarred. Second, as watercolor dries and the pigments becomes inactive, some colors become less vibrant. Applying the special wax medium draws the original color back out, making them vibrant once more, and true to my original color intent.

-Digital: having worked primarily as a traditional Artist for a number of years, I approach the digital medium much as I would a traditional work of art, which lends to my digital styles. The following are my three general (digital) styles.

First, Sketch. Either clean or rough, used primarily for Works in black and white or a limited palette. examples of this can be seen in my “The Fae” and “Qt’Zs” galleries.

Second, being a direct offshoot of the first, is a color rendering under the sketch, giving a close resemblance to my traditional Ink and Watercolor. An example may be found in the “Mice of Meece” gallery.

Third, full paint rendering. More obviously digital than the other two. Examples can be found in the “Digital” gallery.


Please message me for any questions, details and pricing of commissions. 

Terms and Conditions of Service

These terms and conditions are relevant to non-commercial projects and are subject to revision without notice. Commissioned images are copyright © ARTbyAdrianKuhn/Adrian Kuhn

Agreeing to a commission is a commitment between the Artist and the Client. The terms of the agreement must be clear between both parties. It is the responsibility of the Client to read and understand all the terms and conditions of the contract before entering into the agreement with the Artist (AdrianKuhn). Below is a brief summary of the contractual terms and conditions, as well as additional items of importance. The items below are not meant to be a full representation of all the terms and conditions.

By sending payment, the Client signifies that they are at least 18 years of age, and have received, read, understand, and agreed to the terms and conditions of the full contract.

Traditional Work: an original, one of a kind work of art to be the end product.

Digital Work: A digital file to be the end product.

Refusal: The Artist will not take on commissions deemed NSFW, or that is found offensive, or hatful. The Artist reserve the right to turndown/deny any perspective commission.

Clients: All clients must be 18 years or older, or have a parent or guardian enter into the contract.

Client Approval: A digital thumbnail will be sent via email for approval before the next stage of progress will begin. Once approved, there are no revisions/changes for that stage of the commission.

Deposit: There is a 50% down, non refundable deposit required prior to the commencement of any work.

Payment: All prices quoted are in USD, Payments are to be made through bank transfer or PayPal. Prior to shipping/delivering of a final product, payment in full will be required.

Timeframe: Once the 50% deposit has been paid, you are secured into my queue. A general time frame will be included into the agreement. The time it takes to complete a project can very depending on the size, complexity, and queue. Lack or poor communication to the Artist will prolong the timeframe.

Property Rights: The Artist retains all rights to the commissioned artwork, including the right to use the image of a commission for self promotion in a personal and website portfolio, as well as on social media accounts, whose sole purpose is for gathering new clients.

Non Commercial: As the artwork is for non commercial use, the Client may not re-distribute, reproduce, or sell the Artist’s work or profit from the digital artwork. the work may be displayed online as long as credit is given to the Artist.

Shipping: Shipping is done through USPS. It is the Clients responsibility to pay for shipping, this included packaging and insurance. In the event there is a delay or damage to the commission caused by USPS, the Artist shall not be held liable. Any claims shall be directed to the United States Postal Services and not the Artist.

Abandoned Art: Clients are responsible to make sure the Artist has their correct and current contact information. When clients are updated regarding the progress of their commission, they are expected to reply within 1-2 days to approve the work. Non-payment after completion as well as non-communication to the Artist notifications for more than 30 days shall be understood as the clients resignation of any and all claims, rights, or interest in the work; at which point the Artist shall retain full and exclusive ownership of the work.